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Plate reader based analysis of cellular metabolism, mitochondrial dysfunction and toxicity

MitoXpress® is a convenient fluorescence-based, high throughput approach to the direct real-time analysis of mitochondrial oxygen consumption. The easy to use assays measure oxygen consumption of isolated mitochondria, cell populations, small organisms, tissues and enzymes.

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Wendy Goodrich and Dr. James Hynes outline how Luxcel’s MitoXpress® kits can be used to examine cell metabolism.

Who we are

Luxcel Biosciences develop and provide the latest in phosphorescence and fluorescence based sensors and tests with wide ranging biological applications.

Our highly innovative sensors, including oxygen and pH sensors and related assays (tests) are used in food safety, ‘smart’ packaging, pharmaceutical and basic research and development (R&D) and other significant life-science based markets such as water-quality monitoring and environmental toxicity screening.