Building on the success of MitoXpress® Xtra Oxygen Consumption Assay, Luxcel Biosciences, now a part of Agilent, has created and is rapidly expanding a one-stop-shop of in vitro cell-based assay tests and kits, targeting Cell Metabolism, Drug Safety and Hypoxia / Oxidative Stress for the Life Sciences market.  These 96- and 384-well microtitre-based fluorescence assays measure essential cellular metabolic pathways, and are configured for use on standard fluorescence plate readers, providing easy-to-use solutions for basic research, drug discovery and safety toxicology.

Luxcel Biosciences is an award-winning developer of innovative optical fluorescence test solutions, used by scientists and technicians from Universities to global Pharmaceutical Companies, with a proven ability to transform existing specialized tests, into new, high performance, affordable and easy-to-use products. 

We are a young and motivated team, with a shared passion for enabling and supporting our customers, to get the best possible results from the use of our products.



MitoXpress® Xtra - 1st high throughput OCR test, for the measurement of mitochondrial toxicity in the Pharmaceutical industry.


OpTech® - 1st handheld reader for non-invasive measurement of oxygen in the Packaging industry.


GreenLight® - 1st reagent-free system for real-time measurement of microbial contamination in the Food and Beverage industry.


MetaCell a Gold Standard platform, comprising cell assays, disease models and services, with high performance metabolism tests designed for use on laboratory standard instrumentation.