Where our products are used

Our continually growing range of in vitro live cell assay kits provide discovery researchers, with performance tools in an easy to use and completely flexible 96- or 384-well microtitre format.

State-of-the-art, physiologically relevant assays for cancer discovery, cardiovascular, immunology, obesity and diabetes discovery, drug discovery and predictive toxicology, and many more research fields, are now fully accessible and configured for use with standard and TR-F fluorescence plate readers, without the need to purchase expensive, dedicated cell analyser instrumentation.

Luxcel Applications


Cell Metabolism Application Area



Easy to use kits measuring real-time energy flux, substrate utilization and mitochondrial function in living cells, without the need for expensive analysers.

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Drug Safety and Toxicity Application Area

Drug Safety


Advanced high throughput disease models and assays for early prediction of drug toxicity, mitochondrial liability and mechanistic characterisation.

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Hypoxia Oxidative Stress Application Area


Oxidative Stress

Measure and monitor oxygen throughout the cell culture workflow. Multiplex assays for intracellular / extracellular oxygen concentration and ROS.

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