Visit Luxcel Biosciences at AACR 2018 Chicago. Solutions in Cancer Metabolism.  Cell Based Assays

Luxcel Biosciences is excited to attend the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL.  AACR 2018 represents an excellent opportunity for us to exhibit around our core application area of Cancer Metabolism.  Our innovative cell-based assays allow for easy assessment of key parameters for Cancer Metabolism OCR, ECAR, and Intracellular Oxygen Concentrations on your lab’s plate reader. 

We will present a MetaCell poster alongside Oxford University titled “The importance of cellular oxygenation measurements in the analysis of hypoxia-induced signaling and related metabolic adaptation.” In assessing HIF and HIF pathways, this poster shows the importance of measuring intracellular oxygen and conducting research under physiologically relevant conditions.  Researchers now have the ability to measure and conduct research under such conditions through the combined use of the MitoXpress® Intra Intracellular Oxygen Assay and the CLARIOstar® with ACU. The poster presentation takes place on Monday, April 16th from 1-5pm. It is available for download here.


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