MetaCell Cell Metabolism Made Easy

Led by Luxcel Biosciences, the consortium of Axiogenesis AG (now Ncardia), BMG LABTECH GmbH and Luxcel supported by leading academic institutes Oxford University UK and Imperial College London are actively demonstrating a Gold Standard platform, comprising cell assays, disease models and services, together with high performance metabolism tests designed for use on laboratory standard instrumentation – the multi-mode microtiter plate reader. This project funded by the EU H2020 Fast Track to Innovation initiative is called, MetaCell, Cell Metabolism Made Easy. 

Ncardia are leading experts in the fields of iPSC derived cardiomyocytes and neurons, while BMG LABTECH have engineered the unique Clariostar plate reader fitted with an ACU in order to more closely mimic hypoxic conditions. When utilizing the BMG Clariostar with ACU alongside Ncardia’s cardiomyocytes in combination with the Luxcel Biosciences assay kit the MitoXpress® Intra - Intracellular Oxygen Consumption assay it is expected to be able to extremely closely model physiologically relevant ischemic reperfusion in an in vitro setting.

Click here to read more about the further applications of the MetaCell project.

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