Cardiac Metabolic Disorders and Mitochondrial Dysfunction at British Society for Cardiovascular Research Meeting (BSCR) Oxford UK

MetaCell is one of the premier sponsors for this year’s BSCR Autumn Meeting Cardiac Metabolic Disorders and Mitochondrial Dysfunction. Led by Luxcel Biosciences, MetaCell is a consortium between Axiogenesis (now Ncardia), BMG LABTECH GmbH, and Luxcel Biosciences with support from Oxford University and Imperial College London. Recently awarded €2.5m in funding via the EU H2020 grant, MetaCell strives towards creating Gold Standard in vitro testing and aims to reduce the cost and risks associated with preclinical drug discovery and development. By mimicking physiologically relevant ischemic reperfusion, MetaCell provides researchers with the ability to measure oxygen concentration at the cellular level through exposure to rapid de- and re-oxygenation.

“As leaders in mitochondrial research, we are thrilled to support this BSCR event showcasing leading cardiovascular research. Our team will present a poster titled “High-throughput in vitro ischemia-reperfusion model with real-time monitoring of cellular oxygenation and reactive oxygen species generation” exploring the applied use and benefits of MetaCell’s joint portfolio including the use of the powerful MitoXpress® Intra Intracellular Oxygen Assay which allows for real-time measurement of intracellular and peri-cellular oxygen concentration.” Dr. James Hynes, Head of R&D.

The poster will be on display during both days of the congress, where we will happily take any questions or comments. The poster abstract is available for download now. The full poster will become available after BSCR, so watch this space for updates.  Visit us during the meeting at our booth to find out more.

Poster Abstract                                                                    Want to know more?

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