MitoXpress® Xtra Stress Test Assay

Stressed Mitochondria Working Out on Tredmill Stress Test

Aerobic respiration is central to life. Oxygen consumption measurements are therefore a key parameter across biological research, providing a direct and specific measure of mitochondrial function and aerobic metabolism. While measurement of basal respiration alone is highly informative, it can be blind to underlying metabolic impairments or adaptations that do not reveal themselves under basal conditions. ‘Stressing’ the cells, however, can reveal these alterations allowing the identification of subtle mitochondrial impairment or increased metabolic capacity.

Fortunately, the recent development of the MitoXpress® Stress Test by Luxcel Biosciences now equips researchers to perform these informative stressed measurements on any fluorescence plate reader. The test is performed on standard microplates, in combination with the innovative and widely used MitoXpress® Xtra Oxygen Consumption Assay, and facilities a comprehensive characterisation of aerobic metabolism, measuring: maximal respiration rate, spare respiratory capacity, and ATP coupled oxygen consumption. These measurements provide important insights into latent metabolic alterations that can be central to disease progression or drug response and therefore are particularly relevant across Cancer, Cardiovascular, Obesity, and Drug Toxicity Research.

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