Dr. James Hynes, Head of R&D, presents as part of Professor Giovanni Mann Webinar

Dr. James Hynes, our Head of R&D, presents as part of Professor Giovanni Mann, Kings College London Webinar.

On October 25th at 7am PDT/ 3pm BST, Professor Giovanni Mann from Kings College London will lead a webinar in conjunction with Nature Publishing describing exciting new work conducted in collaboration with Luxcel Biosciences and, webinar sponsor, BMG LABTECH. Highlighting the importance of conducting in vitro research under oxygen conditions encountered in vivo, speakers will describe the tools necessary to recapitulate such conditions on the bench and will share new data describing the significant impact this has on key experimental outcomes.

Dr. James Hynes will outline how Luxcel Biosciences’ MitoXpress® Intra Intracellular Oxygen Assay provides a simple plate-reader compatible solution to determining the oxygenation levels actually experienced by cells in culture. In combination with the CLARIOstar® plate reader and its atmospheric control unit, this innovative assay provides new insights into the significant and dynamic impact cell respiration has on cellular oxygenation; thereby enabling the accurate recreation of physiologically relevant conditions on the bench. Dr. James Hynes will also describe how the assay can be incorporated into a broader multiparametric metabolic analysis underpinning advanced in vitro models, including ischemia-reperfusion.

Professor Mann will describe how his group has incorporated these new technologies into a comprehensive and rigorous oxygen-controlled workflow to investigate the cytoprotective actions of Nrf2-regulated antioxidant genes under physiologically relevant conditions. Previous studies have shown how oxygen levels can impact cellular responses to drug treatment, and Professor Mann’s research and webinar will seek to explore why this occurs, providing new data on relevant cell signaling at physiologically relevant oxygen levels.

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