Cell Metabolism drives all cellular activities and is therefore a central pillar of biological research. Understanding how cells generate the energy necessary to drive key biological processes (bioenergetics) and how metabolic regulation is integrated into specific signalling pathways is of key importance in better understanding biological systems.

Interest in this interplay between metabolism and cellular signalling has increased significantly in recent years due a growing appreciation of its importance across a variety of biological processes and disease states including; stem cell differentiation, tumour metabolism, neurodegenerative disorders, metabolic disease and immune function.

Cell Metabolism and Cellular Signalling Reasearch

To facilitate these investigations, Luxcel Biosciences has developed a range of assay kits to enable convenient examination of key energy generating pathways and physiological parameters such as oxidative phosphorylation, glycolytic flux, fatty acid oxidation, mitochondrial function, and cellular oxygenation.


Research Cancer Metabolism

Cancer Metabolism

Explore the central role of metabolism in malignant transformation, cancer cell proliferation, tumor hypoxia and drug resistance.

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Research Metabolism in Cardiovascular Disease


Assess the pivotal role of metabolism in cardiac function, maturation and ischemia reperfusion injury.

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Research Metabolism in Diabetes and Obesity

Obesity & Diabetes

Explore the central role of metabolism in to diabetes, obesity and related metabolic disorders.

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MetaCell Cell Metabolism Made Easy EU2020 Project