MitoXpress FAO Assay

MitoXpress® FAO Assay

Luxcel Biosciences’ MitoXpress® Xtra FAO Assay, the only 96- 384-well format kit of its kind, is designed for use as a companion kit to the MitoXpress® Xtra Oxygen Consumption Assay kit and contains additional components needed for the convenient measurement of basal and maximum FAO-driven energy generation. In addition, the kit allows for the distinction between utilization of exogenous and endogenous long chain fatty acids.

Using MitoXpress® FAO in conjunction with the MitoXpress® Xtra Oxygen Consumption Assay you can easily:

Sample FAO-Driven Oxygen Consumption

FAO assay

Evaluate Oxidation of Exogenous and Endogenous Fatty Acids

Figure 2: Maximal FAO-driven respiration of differentiated and undifferentiated C2C12 cells (FCCP treated, measured using MitoXpress® FAO in combination with MitoXpress® Xtra – Oxygen Consumption Assay. Data courtesy of Dr. Ben Buehrer, Zen-Bio Inc.

Fatty acid oxidation (FAO)

Fatty acid oxidation (FAO) is the primary metabolic pathway in a variety of tissues. In organs such as liver and skeletal muscle, FAO can provide over 75% of cellular ATP while in cardiac tissue it can be responsible for up to 90% of cellular energy requirements. FAO is also now acknowledged as a key factor in cancer metabolism and is also implicated in drug-induced microsteatosis.


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