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MitoXpress® Intra Intracellular Oxygen Assay

Luxcel Biosciences’ MitoXpress® Intra Intracellular Oxygen Assay is a unique, powerful tool for the quantification of real-time cellular oxygenation, mitochondrial function and the metabolic implications of cell signalling; specifically, the assay facilitates the measurement of intracellular and peri-cellular oxygen concentration using a nano sensor probe; a critical parameter across many fields of research including hypoxia, oxidative stress and cancer metabolism.

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Monitoring Oxygen Concentration Within Cells

 Monitoring oxygen concentration within cells

Figure 2: Monitoring oxygen concentration in samples containing 3D HepG2 cells in response to decreasing atmospheric oxygen conditions. Note the difference between applied and intracellular oxygen.

Sample Cellular Oxygenation Upon Compound Treatment

Sample cellular oxygenation upon compound treatment

Figure 3: Real-time measurement of the effect of compound treatment on the oxygen levels in HEK293T cells using Luxcel Biosciences’ MitoXpress® Intra. Antimycin treatment inhibits oxygen consumption, while FCCP treatment causes an increase in oxygen consumption resulting in in a rapid decrease in the intracellular concentration of oxygen.