Safety-related attrition is of particular concern within the pharmaceutical industry due to the significant financial implications associated with late-stage drug failures. Recent efforts to characterize the causes of attrition have identified off-target mitochondrial toxicity and related metabolic perturbation as a significant contributor; however, conventional in vitro cytotoxicity assay are not well suited to the identification of such toxicities. 

To address this, Luxcel Biosciences has developed a set of pioneering high-throughput assays for the identification and characterization of drug-induced mitochondrial dysfunction. These, industry-validated assays can be performed on isolated mitochondria or relevant cell models including primary cells and iPS-derived models. The assay kits are also fully compatible with advanced 3D models are therefore uniquely positioned to enable researchers in safety, toxicology and drug development to harness the power of in vitro testing across key metabolic pathways.

Drug Safety and Development research with cell based assay kits


Whole Cell Mitochondrial Toxicity MitoTox Application Area

Whole Cell – MitoTox

Measure mitochondrial function and metabolism in the widest range of in vitro cell models, from transformed cell lines, to primary and iPS derived cell models, in both 2D and 3D culture.

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Isolated Mitochondrial Toxicity MitoTox Application Area

Isolated Mitochondria - MitoTox

Measure and characterise mitochondrial respiration, and determine the mitochondria liability of new chemical entities - easily differentiating inhibitors and uncouplers.

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