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Learn about MetaCell-TM at EMBL Heidelberg May 11-14th

ees17-01-bannerMetabolism in Time and Space: Emerging Links to Cellular and Developmental Programs

T. Alexandrov, A. Aulehla, P. Dorrestein, O. Leyser, S. McKnight, N. Perrimon

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

This symposium focuses on the role of metabolism in controlling cellular and developmental programs in its spatial and temporal complexity. There is a fundamental interest in deciphering the intricate link between metabolism and regulatory cellular programs during cell differentiation and the development of multicellular organisms. Recent technological progress has enabled us to analyse metabolism and metabolic activities with spatio-temporal resolution. This creates unprecedented potential to address how metabolic state impacts on cellular and developmental programs.

We are excited to launch MetaCell-TM for the first time in Europe at EMBL alongside consortium partners Axiogenesis AG and BMG Labtech.

Led by Luxcel Biosciences, the consortium will demonstrate a Gold Standard platform, comprising cell assays, disease models and services, together with high performance metabolism tests designed for use on laboratory standard instrumentation – the multi-mode microtiter plate reader.  For more information e-mail