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Visit Luxcel Biosciences at AACR 2018 Chicago. Solutions in Cancer Metabolism.  Cell Based Assays
AACR 2018 Chicago | Visit Booth #1852 Luxcel Biosciences for Solutions in Cancer Metabolism
| 04 April
Luxcel Biosciences is excited to attend the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL.  AACR 2018 represents an excellent...
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SOT Booth 1251 Predicting, Screening and Measuring Mitochondrial Toxicity
Discover New Workflow Solutions for Measuring and Predicting Mitochondrial Toxicity at SOT Booth #1251
| 05 March
Next week Luxcel Biosciences will travel to San Antonio, Texas for the Society of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Meeting.  For this event, we will launch our new...
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Dr. Adrian Harris Free Webinar Cancer Metabolism and Tumor Hypoxia
Register Now! Free Webinar with Prof. Adrian Harris, “Hypoxia in Cancer Biology, what it does and how to measure it”
| 26 January
On Tuesday February 20th, 3pm GMT/ 10am EST Luxcel Biosciences will host a webinar given by Prof. Adrian L Harris, a lead cancer researcher and professor of...
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MetaCell New Poster Abstract Released Ahead of Tumor Metabolism Keystone Symposia Meeting Tumour Hypoxia
Download Now! New MetaCell Poster Released for Tumor Metabolism Keystone Conference
| 19 January
In conjunction with the MetaCell Project, researchers from the University of Oxford will be presenting a poster at the Keystone Symposia Meeting on Tumor...
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Luxcel Biosciences Acquired by Agilent Technologies
Luxcel Biosciences Welcomes New Opportunities by Joining Agilent Technologies
| 11 January
SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 9, 2018 Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced it has acquired Cork, Ireland-based Luxcel Biosciences ("Luxcel...
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AACR New Horizons in Cancer Research Poster on Hypoxia Induced Signalling in Cancer Metabolism
Download Now! AACR New Horizons for Cancer Research – Hypoxia-Induced Signalling Poster
| 07 November
Luxcel Biosciences is excited to present the newest MetaCell poster entitled “The importance of cellular oxygenation measurements in the analysis of hypoxia-...
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Stressed Mitochondria Working Out on Tredmill Stress Test
Stress Your Cells to See How They Are Really Feeling
| 26 October
Aerobic respiration is central to life. Oxygen consumption measurements are therefore a key parameter across biological research, providing a direct and...
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Luxcel Head of R&D to present at Ncardia applicaitons workshop showcasing oxygen consumption assay and fatty acid oxidation assay
Luxcel Biosciences Head of R&D to Present at Ncardia Applications Workshop
| 25 October
MetaCell partner Ncardia is hosting a 3-day Application Workshop in Cologne, Germany from November 29th-December 1st. The workshop will focus on how...
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New research with Luxcel Biosciences Oxygen Consumption Assays provides new insight in Cancer Research
New Study! Mitochondrial Function and Oxidative Stress in Cancer Research
| 17 October
  Researchers from the University of Windsor recently identified several highly active analogues of the natural compound Pancratistatin (PST) that...
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New distribution partner in Taiwan Life Sciences Market, cell based assay kits for cell metabolism
Tseng Hsiang Life Science Ltd Announced as the New Distribution Partner for the Taiwan Life Sciences Market
| 05 October
“Luxcel Biosciences Ltd continues to go through a period of rapid growth with the launch of at least four new products in 2017.  We have already launched...
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Physiologically Relevant In Vitro Ischemia Reperfusion Model developed with MitoXpress Intra Intracellular Oxygen Assay
Luxcel Biosciences Ltd announce world first physiologically relevant, in vitro Ischemia-Reperfusion Model in conjunction with BMG LABTECH and Ncardia
| 26 September
Ischemia-reperfusion (IR) injury, occurs in the body when blood supply returns to tissues after a period of oxygen and nutrient deprivation. It is an important...
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Oxygen Concentration in Cell Cultures
Oxygen: too much of a good thing?
| 26 September
Oxygen is essential for life, and while we live in an environment with O2 at approximately 21%, cells in vivo experience far lower oxygen concentrations....
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