pH-Xtra™ Stress Test

pH-XtraTM Stress Test

Luxcel Biosciences’ pH-XtraTM Stress Test is designed for use as a companion kit to the pH-XtraTM Glycolysis Assay and contains all the additional components necessary for the evaluation of the glycolytic response of in vitro cell models to metabolic stress. It contains a measurement buffer tablet and glucose to allow the convenient adjustment of glucose availability, 2-deoxyglucose as a glycolysis inhibitor and oligomycin, an inhibitor of respiration driven ATP-generation to trigger maximum glycolytic activity.

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pH-Xtra™ Glycolysis Stress Test User Manual

User Manual

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pH-Xtra™ Glycolysis Stress Test Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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Glycolytic Capacity of Live Cells

Stress Test
Stress test

Figure 2: Glycolytic Capacity of live cells, measured with the pH-Xtra™ Stress Test in combination with the pH-XtraTM Glycolysis Assay. When cells are treated with the glycolytic inhibitor 2-Deoxyglucose, only non-glycolytic acidification is observed. Untreated cells reflect basal glycolytic rates under given conditions, and cells treated with Oligomycin, an inhibitor of respiration driven ATP generation reveal the cells ability to respond to metabolic stress by modulating glycolytic rates.